No. Enzoic for Active Directory needs access to the internet in order to run properly. Enzoic was never designed to run offline for extended periods of time. Because of this, any offline (or partially offline) configurations are unsupported.

However, Enzoic for Active Directory can be configured to run through a proxy network. If you are using a proxy in your environment, click here for more information.  

If you're not using a proxy, but are having issues with Enzoic reaching out to the internet, please review the prerequisite section of our tech docs, located here. Even if this is not a new install, the prerequisite page includes information on the ports Enzoic uses, as well as the IP addresses, FQDN's, and file paths needed to be whitelisted through your firewall and AV security. 

If you're still having issues with connectivity, click here to see our full API timeout troubleshooting knowledge base article.