Enzoic reviews and authorizes each newly created or rest password to ensure that no passwords are compromised at the time of selection. Unless a password completes the Enzoic audit process, a user cannot select it. To accommodate any periods of unusual latency or disrupted connectivity we provide a Password Check Timeout. The default is set to 3,000 milliseconds (3 seconds). This can be adjusted all the way up to 10,000 milliseconds (10 seconds) if needed. 

Enzoic is designed from the ground up with a security first mindset. While most security practices discourage open access between AD servers and the internet, many organizations utilize a proxy in order to restrict outside access to their AD environment. The Enzoic Proxy Settings are optional so you can skip them if it is not required by your organization. Enzoic will work with any HTTP proxy server. Please note, that because DC's may reside at different locations, the proxy settings are unique to every DC. Proxy Server Settings are the only settings that will not replicate across your AD environment and will need to be configured manually on each machine.