When it comes to Enzoic communication, API calls can timeout for one of two reasons: 

1. There is an outage impacting the Enzoic backend.

  • To test for this, we have a system status site that can be found here.
  • If you do find that there is an outage, there isn't much that you're going to be able to do on your end. In these cases, we encourage you to create a support ticket. 

2. There is something in your environment, either directly or indirectly, impacting Enzoic communication. 

  • If you are experiencing timeouts (or any other Enzoic related communication problem), and our status site shows that there are no backend communication issues, it unfortunately means that there is something in your network and/or environment causing the issue.

If you do find yourself dealing with an environmental based communications issue, we do have some troubleshooting steps that might help. See below: 


1. Make sure all proxy information in the Settings tab within the console is correct.

  • Because proxy settings differ from location to location, this is the only section within the console that does not sync with the other DC’s. Meaning that proxy information has to be added manually on a per DC basis. If your environment runs through a proxy, make sure that all proxy information on all domain controllers has been set correctly.

2. Increase the API timeout from 3000ms to 20000ms.

  • By default, API calls only stay open for 3 seconds. If you’re in a high latency environment or are troubleshooting potential latency issues, we recommend increasing this setting to 20 seconds and testing. 
  • This can be done from the Settings tab within the Enzoic console. 

3. Make sure that all installation prerequisites have been met.

  • Our installation prerequisites can be found here.
  • Even if you are encountering this issue post installation, make sure that the following items have been done: 
    • All Enzoic IP’s and or FQDN’s have been whitelisted through your firewall.
    • All Enzoic related paths have been whitelisted through your AV (and any other security you have on the DC’s). 
    • Port 6164 is open and listening between DC's. 


4. Run the networking script attached to this KB. 

  • If you’ve gone through everything else in this article and are still having issues with timeouts and/or other communication issues, run the networking script attached to this article. This is a PowerShell script that will attempt to reach out to all of the major API’s that Enzoic uses. It will then report back on which ones specifically are not able to be reached. 
  • This information should help your networking team determine what is preventing Enzoic from reaching out. 


5. Open a Support ticket. 

  • If you’ve done all of this and are still struggling we encourage you to open a Support Ticket. 
  • When opening a ticket for this specific issue, please zip up and attach the Enzoic logs from the delegate DC to the case. The logs can be found locally on the DC here: C:\ProgramData\Enzoic\Enzoic for Active Directory\Logs. 
  • Additionally, we will also need Windows Application and System Event logs as well. Our ticketing system has a max of 20mb size on attachments, if the event logs are larger than this, let us know in the ticket and we’ll send you a BOX link to upload them to us.
  • One last thing to note, because this is an environmental issue there may not be much that Support can assist with, but we encourage you to send us what you have. Our Support team is happy to review the information and see if there is anything else that can be tried.