If you’re installing Enzoic for the first time, or even if you’ve had Enzoic installed for a while, you may run into an issue where the keycode comes back as invalid. There are three main causes for this error. 

  1. The keycode was entered incorrectly: 

  • This is the most common reason users receive an invalid license error when installing Enzoic for the first time. It may seem trivial, but make sure you’ve double checked that the code you’ve entered is the exact code provided.

  1. The keycode is actually invalid:

  • While rare, it’s possible that the keycode is actually invalid. Either the code has not been activated (for new accounts) or has been deactivated for some reason: i.e. lack of payment, expired subscription, etc. (this will usually affect existing accounts). If you suspect that this might be the reason, feel free to email our sales team at sales@enzoic.com. They should be able to assist in activating the license. 


  1. Enzoic cannot reach the License API: 

  • If you’ve checked that the key is being entered in correctly, and that it’s still valid and active, then there is a good chance that something in your environment is preventing the Enzoic license API from reaching out. 

  • To start, we highly recommend that you go through our installation prerequisites, which can be found here. Even if this is not a new install, all of our prereq’s need to be in place in order for Enzoic to function properly. 

  • Go through our API timeout KB, which can be found here. This covers most of our environmental troubleshooting steps for communication issues.