We always want our customers to be on the latest version of the Enzoic for Active Directory software. Because of this we generally do not give customers copies of older versions. However, we do understand that there are some scenarios where an older build is necessary. 

If you need a copy of an older build, please open a Support case ( either through the web portal or by emailing us directly at enzoic-support@enzoic.com). Be sure to include the version number you want and the reason for the request. We cannot guarantee that we will send you the build, but we do review each request on a case by case basis. 

Disclaimer: Please note that we do not support rolling back the software to previous versions. Even in cases of a failed upgrade or install, we ask that you reach out to Support for assistance rather than attempting to install a previous build. Rolling back to older builds has the potential to break the software to the point where a complete removal and reinstallation may be needed for the entire domain. Which can lead to a complete loss of all Enzoic settings and cached credentials.