No. Enzoic does not send out admin email notifications for rejected password attempts.

However with that said, Enzoic does log every password attempt made to the DC that handles their user account. If you are trying to figure out why a user's password was rejected, you simply need to know when the user attempted the password change, and which DC handles their specific user account. 

After you’ve gathered this information, go to the DC and follow this path: C:\ProgramData\Enzoic\Enzoic for Active Directory\Logs. 

This folder is going to have two main log types: Console and Service logs. Look for the EnzoicService_*DATE*.JSON log.


Once in the log, password rejections will look like this:


{ "time": "2022-11-01 13:13:07.3053-06:00", "threadId": "4", "level": "INFO", "event": "The password is compromised and cannot be used. Detected by PasswordSimilarity and matched on FuzzyMatch", "eventData": { "data": {"user":"wwhite","detectionMethod":"PasswordSimilarity","matchTypes":["FuzzyMatch"],"eventKind":"PasswordChangeRejected","category":"General","area":"General","details":null} } }

This entry includes the time, the user, the action taken, and the policy setting(s) that it violates