Notifications that are sent to administrators are currently static and cannot be changed. However, email notifications that are sent to end users can be customized.  

You can change the Header, Footer, and company name in the message. As well as upload an image that displays in the top left corner (usually your company logo). The body of the message, however, is static. It will only display in english and cannot be changed at this time.

To customize the notification, start by click on the policy you wish to change. Go to either password monitoring or credential monitoring (these two sections are identical but independent from one another. If you want the notifications to look the same you will need to customize both). Once on the Monitoring tab of your choice, check the box for 'Notify affected users by email when their password is compromised'. Then click the Customize Email button. 

Here you will see the option to add in a company name, custom image (logo), and a header and footer. 

You can test to see what your changes will look like by clicking on the preview tab in the upper left hand corner. 

Once done, you can save the template and even send yourself a test message to see exactly what your end users will see.