At this time there isn't a way to view when a user last reset their password inside of Enzoic. However, there are several ways to do this within Active Directory. This information is helpful in cases where you want to see if a user has reset their password since Enzoic was installed. Or if you believe there is a discrepancy between a password reset and Enzoic intervention. Support may sometimes ask for this data when troubleshooting issues.

Below are instructions for one of the ways to manually check: 


    1. From the DC, open ADSI Edit:

   2. Right-click on the Domain icon and Connect To: 'Your Domain'.

   3. Once connected, expand the Domain container, followed by the Users container:

    4. Right-click on the container of the user you want to view and go to Properties:

5. Once in Properties, scroll down till you find the attribute 'pwdLastSet'