To change which DC is the Delegate start by going to the Settings tab within the console.  

From there, go to Other Settings. 

Then click on the Delegate Server drop-down list. 

This will show every DC Enzoic is installed on in your domain. 

Select the DC you wish to change to, then update the configuration. 

Once the configuration is updated allow an AD replication cycle to run (or force a replication cycle to run), and you are good to go.

If you want to confirm that the DC has changed you can do so from the Enzoic logs. 

Start by restarting the Enzoic Service on the new delegate, then follow this path: C:\ProgramData\Enzoic\Enzoic for Active Directory\Logs. Open the latest EnzoicService_*.txt log. You should now see a line in the logs that looks like this: 

INFO: [General] [General] Server is delegate.