This article describes licensing and plan options for Enzoic for Active Directory. 

1. Where can I see my plan type, license quantity, and recent usage?

  • To see your current plan, sign-in to your account on Under the tab for Products > Active Directory, you’ll find your current plan type, the current month’s usage, and a section below for monthly historical usage.

2. How do I change my plan type or license quantity? 

  • You can learn about different plan types on our pricing page.
  • To change between Startup, Business, or Premium plan types, login to your account on and click the Billing tab under the Administration section. Usage is calculated automatically each month. 
  • If you would like to make change the license quantity on an existing Enterprise plan (or upgrade to an Enterprise plan) please contact us or your reseller. 

3. How is my usage calculated for licensing?

  • Enzoic for Active Directory is licensed based on the peak number of accounts monitored each month.  For example, if you have 1,500 monitored accounts on March 1st, but increase to 1,515 on March 15th and then drop to 1500 on March 31st, the peak number of accounts monitored will be calculated as 1,515 users. Monitored accounts can be people or machine accounts. Disabled accounts are automatically excluded from this count.
  • You can configure which accounts should be included for monitoring by using the Monitored Policies > Monitored Entities settings of the Enzoic for Active Directory application.

Note that the Monitored Users report from the Enzoic for Active Directory application shows a list of users being monitored only as of the time the report was run. It is not intended to show the number of accounts monitored during the month for license purposes.