For the most part no. 

Enzoic for Activity Directory’s core functionality, evaluating password resets and continuous monitoring, has not encountered any negative interactions with MFA and SSO authentication for users. Enzoic only handles password reset requests and is not involved with the user authentication process. 

However, with that said, the optional Enzoic Client provides can be deployed to domain-joined Windows workstations in your organization to provide users with better feedback and assistance when selecting a new password. This feature functions by installing as another credential provider and by default will disable the Windows system, credential provider. This is necessary for Enzoic to process password changes and provide the user with feedback. In some environments, other credential providers, such as Windows Hello for Business or 3rd party credential providers which provide multi-factor or biometric authentication, may be present and may be the default provider. Typically the Enzoic Client will NOT be able to coexist with these since they will generally disable other credential providers on the system and make themselves the default. Therefore, it is either necessary to uninstall these other providers or forego using the Enzoic Client. For more information about the Enzoic Client, click here.