Technically yes, but it’s currently unsupported. 

Enzoic can be installed on machines with Windows Server Core. It should install and run like any other Windows server OS. 

However, with that said, Enzoic needs a UI in order to be configured and managed. There is no way to edit Enzoic for Active Directory settings through the command line at this time. Meaning at least one DC in the domain needs to have a non-Core Windows server OS in order to function. 

Additionally, Enzoic for Active Directory is not tested or quality checked for Windows Core, and therefore is unsupported at this time. 

If you have an environment that has some Windows Server Core machines, Enzoic should install and run just fine (given that you’ve set up the configuration steps on another non-CORE DC first). But because this is an unsupported OS, if you do run into issues, there is very little that support can assist with.