This article is designed to be a quick guide with some general FAQ’s. If you are wanting a complete run through of the new software our full documentation, including troubleshooting steps and release notes, can be found here:


Upgrading from v3.0 to v3.2 is a pretty straight forward process. All you’ll need is to pull down the v3.2 installer and run it over top of your current v3.0 build. No uninstall or reboot required. 

To get started download the v3.2 installer from here. This page includes the EXE, an MSI and a separate installer for the workstation client

When upgrading to the new build there are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Make sure to upgrade the delegate DC server first. If you attempt to upgrade any other DC’s before the delegate, you will get an error. 

  • v3.0 is not compatible with v3.2. This just means that all your DC’s must be upgraded once you start the process. Do not leave your environment in a state where some machines are on v3.0 and some are on v3.2 for an extended period of time.  

  • If you plan on upgrading your workstation clients to v3.2 as well, just make sure the DC’s are upgraded before the workstations. If you attempt to upgrade the workstations first, you’ll receive an error. 

  • Make sure that you have the following two paths whitelisted in your AV/Security software. AV’s with sensitive heuristics tend to flag and interfere with v3.2, and can cause issues down the line. To avoid any problems we recommend these paths be whitelisted before beginning the upgrade process: 

C:\Program Files\Enzoic for Active Directory