One of the questions we get quite often is: "When going through the Settings -> Other Settings, we see a check box for 'Ensure NIST 800-63b Compliance'. What does this checking this box do?"

When the NIST box is checked it will add a widget notification to your dashboard making sure that the following settings are enabled. If a setting becomes disabled, the widget will turn red and the offending setting will be listed.

1. Custom dictionary.

2. Common Passwords found in cracking dictionaries. 

3. Fuzzy Matching. 

4. Continuous Password Protection. 

One thing to note though is that checking the NIST box doesn't enable or disable any of your settings. It is designed to give admins a quick and simple 'at a glance' notification within the dashboard to help make sure the Enzoic software remains in compliance.

If you would like more information on getting Enzoic setup, see our setup guide here:

And if you would like more information on NIST 800-63b compliance, check out this link: